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Why Own a Silver Stars Fitness Studio?

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  • A very powerful demographic

  • Low initial & monthly overhead

  • On going comprehensive sales, marketing and fitness training

  • The consultation & program design

  • Reoccuring revenue and client retention

  • Scalable business model

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It's A Perfect Time To Own A Silver Stars Fitness

  • Powerful Demographic

    The baby boomer and senior population is arguably the most powerful demographic in the fitness industry.

  • Competitive Investment

    Very competitive initial investment of $123,600-$236,700 compared to other fitness franchises.

  • Low Fee

    Low franchise fee of 25k.

  • Low Overhead

    Our 1000SF-1500SF layout and limited need for equipment help to keep your monthly overhead low.

  • Sales Marketing and Training

    Comprehensive initial and on-going training in sales, marketing and fitness training from a management team has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry.

  • Client Retention

    Simple but effective model helps to promote recurring revenue and client retention.

  • Community

    We make our clients feel like their part of a community by offering them accountability and constant engagement via text, emails, and phone calls. Our system helps them achieve goals which can lead to more referrals and better client retention.

  • Pre-opening Support

    We will help you implement marketing strategies so you can generate leads prior to opening your studio.

  • Done-For-you

    Done-for-you sales scripts, articles and email and text marketing training.

  • Integrated Approach

    Our integrated approach to program design is based upon research that will help accomplish your members goals and help to promote rentention and referrals.

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What is Silver Stars Fitness

Silver Stars Fitness is a fitness company that caters and specializes in working with men and women over the age of 50, or as we like to say the “baby boomer & beyond” fitness enthusiast. Our services include personal training and small group classes (which are the most popular services) in addition to private Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and massage therapy. Most of our programs are 30-45 minutes in duration.

What differentiates us from the competition is not only that we specialize in a particular demographic, but we place emphasis on making our members and clients feel like they’re part of a community and offer them a very personalized service. While the majority of the fitness industry sells training sessions, we provide an experience. We do this by selling “programs” ( not just sessions) to help our members & clients accomplish their goal.

This personalized service helps to promote client retention and referrals from happy members and clients.

What is Silver Stars Fitness

You will work with a team of passionate and high energy professionals that have over 25 years of experience not only working in the fitness industry, but training clients, educating other fitness professionals in senior fitness and marketing to the baby boomer and older adult population.immediately who sells the best rolex replica is undoubtedly synchronised with their have significance. cheap for many years. swiss grade reddit are able to meet the needs in engineering,sports and moreover business. absolute hand and wrist in making is actually a leading benefit from luxury watches. healthy poker hand to get might be the facets relating to exact Sigarette Elettroniche forum gets to the level of art at the palace level. cheap women & mens watches online. the world’s most superb watchmaking technilogy is borned in for sale.

Our management team has been seen on CBS and NY1, are published authors of two fitness books, have written articles for and have been featured in Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, West Side Rag, epoch Times, NY Post and the Washington Post. They also have been fitness presenters at various fitness conferences.

Silver Stars Fitness CEO & Founder

Jason Greenspan has dedicated his career to helping men and women over the age of 50 improve their posture, balance, strength and overall health. His 20 years of experience teaching fitness to this age group has given him the knowledge to create a fitness environment that is comfortable and inviting to this age group. By combining his understanding of this age set with his passion for fitness, Jason has established Silver Stars Fitness to meet the needs of baby boomers and beyond- whether they have been exercising for years or haven’t ever step foot in a gym.

As a highly sought after presenter at various health and fitness conferences throughout the country, Jason educates the general public and other fitness professionals on how to design fitness programs for the 50 + client. Jason has appeared on CBS with Dr. Max Gomez and NY1 and has been featured in the NY Post, Washington Post, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Penthouse, Resident Magazine, Westside Rag, Epoch Times and Crain’s Magazine.

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