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About Silver Stars

Silver Stars Fitness Studio specializes in working with the baby boomer & older adult/senior fitness enthusiast. Our clients are very diverse as we see people that are very fit to others that have been inactive for a long time with various orthopedic concerns to everyone in between.

Our classes are quite different from some offered by large corporations, as all of our classes are small and personalized. There are no more than 6 people per class with an average of three to five as opposed to a large class of ten or twenty. The advantage of the small class is the personalized attention each student receives. The small class setting also minimizes the risk of injury often found in a larger class environment.

We also offer Small Group Training, Personal Training, Team Training (training with a friend), Massage Therapy, Private Yoga and Pilates, Nutritional Counseling, Physical Therapy, Tai Chi and Stretch Therapy. If you can’t make it to the studio, we can work with you at your home.

At Silver Stars you will find fresh fruit available after your workout, towels, and music of your choice. Lectures and parties are also planned on a monthly basis. At Silver Stars, there is no hustle & bustle and no distractions; just a lot of passion and knowledge to share with our clients.

Meet the Founder

Mission Statement

Silver Stars Fitness exists to create what we call a “WOW” experience for our students.

We create this experience by offering classes and private services that are geared towards what is MOST important to the baby boomer and beyond fitness enthusiast. We hire expert instructors that are passionate about helping you and that are trained to design fitness programs specifically tailored towards your goals, activity levels and medical history.


The Silver Stars Fitness Studio was created by renowned fitness professional and published author, Jason Greenspan.

After being involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years he has helped hundreds of baby boomers, older adults and seniors to improve their quality of life through fitness. His vision was to open a private studio that would cater to the needs of the baby boomer and beyond; it has been a realty since 2013.

Our Fitness Philosophy

At Silver Stars Fitness our focus is on improving one’s quality of life. This might mean different things to different people, such as: lowering a golf score, (which might put you in a great mood); increasing your endurance so you have more energy to play with your grandchild; relieve or limiting your aches and pains; improving balance; to increasing overall strength, etc… In other words fitness training for REAL LIFE!

At Silver Stars Fitness we believe in an integrated approach. What this means is that we incorporate 8 keys elements in to every program. We might focus on one aspect a bit more than another based on the goal, but each program will incorporate the following:

A health screening and movement assessment




Power – (the ability to move walk or run faster or to get up from a chair quickly)

Cardiovascular Endurance

Speed Agility, Quickness and Coordination

Proper Nutrition

Recovery- Good sleeping habits & massage

We also believe that unless you have a specific condition or injury that requires you to sit, you should be standing while exercising. Yes, that’s right, standing! So, no sitting unless you have to (ask about our Silver Stars Chair Fitness Class) Machine training and sitting is not a bad thing for some people for a certain period of time, but the ultimate goal should be to exercise while standing.

Real life requires us to stand, balance and use our core, to walk, run, avoid and step over obstacles and react quickly. Real Life also requires us to use many muscles to accomplish a specific task. Sitting on a machine tends to isolate muscles.

At Silver Stars Fitness you will be up and moving and working on all the skills required to improving your life, such as stepping over and around objects, stepping up and down our exercise steps, squatting or standing from a chair and pushing and pulling from a standing position. This is just a few of the things we will do to improve your quality of life.

Of course we will adjust and modify each movement based on your fitness level and your comfort zone.

Are you ready to get started? We are ready to help you accomplish your goals!

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