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Silver Stars Fitness

America's #1 Baby Boomer & Beyond
Fitness Experts

Our Fitness Programs Can Help You:

  • Improve Balance & Posture
  • Lose Weight, Burn Calories & Increase Energy
  • Increase Cardio Endurance
  • Increase Core & Overall Strength
  • Decrease Risk For Aches & Pains
  • Improve Flexibility & Mobility

And of course: Move, Feel & Look Better Too!

Receive your 2 week trial (4 classes) for $47 at Our Baby Boomer Bootcamp And Receive Our Award Winning Fitness Book When You Sign Up NOW!

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Over 55 and Tired of

Wandering around the large commercial health club?

Not getting the attention and motivation you need?

Exercising on your own and not getting the results you want?

We can help you lose weight, improve your balance, get stronger and increase your overall functionality.

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Post Rehabilitation

Balance &
Fall Prevention

What is Silver Stars Fitness?

Silver Stars Fitness caters and specializes in working with men and women over the age of 55 or what we like to say the “baby boomer and beyond” fitness enthusiast.

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Over 55 and Want to Move, Feel & Look Better?

Silver Stars Fitness - America's #1 Baby Boomer & Beyond Fitness Expert.
We Help You Torch Fat, Burn Calories, Improve Your Endurance & Balance, Increase Your Strength & Flexibility, and of Course, Look Better Too!