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Over 55 and Tired of

Wandering around the large commercial health club?

Not getting the attention and motivation you need?

Exercising on your own and not getting the results you want?

We can help you lose weight, improve your balance, get stronger and increase your overall functionality.

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What is Silver Stars Fitness?

Silver Stars Fitness caters and specializes in working with men and women over the age of 55 or what we like to say the “baby boomer and the older adult/senior” fitness enthusiast.

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We recognize that most of the large “big box” commercial clubs and fitness studios cater to men and women in their twenties and thirties and typically sell you a membership to use their club and equipment without offering you a plan to accomplish your goal. And then you lose your desire to exercise because you’re not getting the personalized attention you deserve. The end result is not only a loss of money, but more importantly your health suffers. SILVER STARS FITNESS WAS DESIGNED TO CHANGE THIS CYCLE.


  • Goal Setting – Our goal is to accomplish your goal. We will help you set realistic goals with a deadline, which will give you laser-like focus to reach your goal.
  • Accountability & Personalized Attention – At Silver Stars, You’re not just another member. We actually care about helping you. We do this by sending you daily fit tips through email and motivational text messages to help you stay motivated and on track to accomplishing your goal. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to our coaches throughout the week to answer any of your fitness related questions. You’ll also receive an in-home program.
  • Community – You’re NOT joining a “gym”, your joining a community of like-minded people that ill give you the support and motivation to help accomplish your goal. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group that will provide you with motivation, fit tips and support of our other members. In addition, you’ll be invited to various parties and events throughout the year.
  • Experience – There is no BEGINNER or NOVICE trainers/coaches on our staff. Our instructors are led by a MGMT team that has over 25 years experience and all of our coaches and trainers are certified and go through our extensive Silver Stars training program prior to meeting with you.
  • Affordable -Although we offer a very high end service, our different memberships make it affordable so that just about everyone can afford to be fit and healthy.


Over 55 and Want to Move, Feel & Look Better?

Silver Stars Fitness - America's #1 Baby Boomer & Beyond Fitness Expert.
We Help You Torch Fat, Burn Calories, Improve Your Endurance & Balance, Increase Your Strength & Flexibility, and of Course, Look Better Too!


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