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Over 50 & Struggling To Improve Your Fitness Level?

Tired Of Paying For a ‘Gym” Membership & Not Getting The Attention Or Results You Deserve?

We Have The Solution! Try The Silver Stars Fit For Life Small group Training Program Either Live On Zoom or In -person @ Our NYC Fitness Studio.

Discover The Silver Stars Fitness Fit For Life Small Group Training Program That Has Helped Thousands of People & Can Help You:

Better Endurance: Walk/Run Faster Without Getting Out of Breath.

Get Stronger: Perform Every Day Activities With Less Effort

Navigate The Floor: Play with Grandkids on the floor. Go Down & Get Up From The Floor With Ease.

Improve Balance: Walk With Confidence

Lose Weight: Learn healthy eating habits.

Flexibility: Put your shoes on without sitting down, less discomfort when you stand up

Protect Your Joints: Less risk for low back, knee, hip, or shoulder pain.

Move, Feel & Look Better.

Limited-Time Offer:

Get three Fit For Life Small Group sessions for $47 (Regular price: $150.00)

What Is The First Step To Trying The Program & Getting The Offer?

The First Step To Trying The Small Group Program is to: Schedule Your Free Consultation Here:

What Is The Silver Stars Consultation?

The Silver Stars consultation is one of the most comprehensive 50-minute consultations in the fitness industry. You’ll meet with one of our highly experienced Fitness Directors to discuss the following:

You Will Learn:

We Will Also:

What Happens After the Consultation?

Based on what we learn about your goals, fitness experience, health history & how you move, we will recommend the best small group sessions for you to try.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Here

******* NOTE: The Fit For Life consultation is only for people who are tired of roaming around a “gym” and want a set appointment to work in a small group with an experienced coach.

If you’re serious about improving your health & fitness level:

Schedule Your Free Consultation Here

Note: If you are not serious about getting in the best shape of your life, please leave this page.


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