Want To Improve Your Balance & Decrease Your Risk For a Fall?

The Silver Stars Balance & Fall Prevention Program Can Help!

A Comprehensive but simple digital program that can be done from home at any time you choose.

This program will be sent to your email. You can then open the files & view and perform the program anytime you want!

  • Receive over 70 Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Balance Video/Tutorials
  • Get Three Balance Classes That You Can Take From Home At Any Time
  • Receive Sample Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Balance Programs/Workouts
  • Get Core, Strength & Flexibility Video/Tutorials That Are Specific To Helping You Improve Your Balance
  • Receive Video Tutorials That Will Teach You Strategies On How To:
    • Prevent A Fall
    • Go Down/Up From Floor
    • Fall Self Assessment
    • Proper Gait Mechanics & Posture That Will Help Decrease Risk For a Fall.


Silver Stars Member: Discount $10.99 (Silver Stars Member: Someone That Is Currently Participating In Our Zoom Or In-Person Classes Or Private Training Sessions). Call Us @ 646-573-9724 To Receive Your COUPON CODE So You Can Get The Discounted Price.

Non- Member Total Cost: $19.99